Stellar Script

Sarah Erickson


Sarah Svati, the goddess of wisdom, translates the language of the stars into factual fun students can relate to.

We are more complicated than the simple-Simon, horoscope interpretations that tend to distinguish originality. Individuals are a complex, but merging two unique subjects forming a relationship – is dualistically tricky indeed.

The articles and books that explain a list of signs that you are compatible with, fail to consider how other planets affect relationships. Each planet rules different areas of life. The Moon, Venus and Mars are significant factors in relationships including emotions, ability to bond and what you are attracted to.

The Sun alone does not explain it. For example, if you are a fire sign and your beloved is an earth sign, don’t judge the relationship according to the compatibility list. Although you may be a fiery Aries, the earth person may have an Aries Moon sign. In this case, this aspect would prove that you were more compatible than the list. Combinations such as these can be just as powerful, sometimes even better than a person who has a compatible Sun sign.

For a clearer picture, Google your birth chart to find your Moon and Ascendant signs. Then, compare these with your partners in the grid.

The biggest hearts (Leo & Leo) and second largest hearts, to a lesser degree (Leo & Gemini) are harmonious and loving. This combination tends to marry each other. You share a harmonious feeling of ease and peace, as though you have known each other forever. You share common interests and have a lot to talk about. There is a mutual admiration and respect. The free flow of love leads to long term bonding. The only problem here is that it can become too easy and repetitive. Avoid stagnancy by maintaining romance and adventure.

The medium hearts (Taurus & Leo) and small hearts (Gemini & Virgo) represent challenges and growth. These are the people that impact your life on a deep and profound level. They push your buttons easily and challenge you toward a higher level of self-awareness. They reflect changes you may need to make. Because they approach situations from opposite angles, there is always a challenge present.

Couples view these relationships as passionate, lustful and exciting. However, the lack of common interest and understanding presents challenges that bring about a waiting period. Once you make it through the woods, the darkness becomes less and less frequent. Communication is the key because most issues are misunderstandings running rampant.

Medium to small hearts are opposing and are both rewarding and frustrating. Their personality traits intrigue you. At first they are extraordinary, a breath of fresh air. Next, you feel complete and believe that your differences compliment one another. Issues only arise after the sparks die. The traits that originally attractive, become the opposite. These relationships tend to fluctuate between hot and cold, advice is to put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

Small and tiny hearts have little in common to start from. The couple should focus on common interests to strengthen their bond.

Now remember, you are compatible with everyone in one way or another!

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Stellar Script

by Sarah Erickson time to read: 2 min