New LSC building pathway

Sara Konu


For a while, students have been cutting through a small section of dirt between two sidewalks on the side of the library/science building. Over time a student Habitrail has emerged.

Puyallup campus President Patrick Schmitt originally brought attention to the student-created shortcut and requested it be made into an official pathway. Now it’s being paved.

The project was started during winter break and is still underway. Students may have seen the area roped off with yellow caution tape and watched the gradual completion of the pathway.

In order to cut down on costs, the groundskeepers have been put in charge of paving the pathway as opposed to hiring a contractor to do it. Money for the materials came out of the biennial repair funding granted by the state legislature.

Due to the groundskeepers’ busy schedules and the steepness of the section being worked on, the project has taken some time. It’s near completion, but now there is talk of re-doing it.

“I think (the paving) was a well-intentioned effort, but I think we’ll have to come back and revise it in some way,” said Jim Taylor, director of facilities.

He discussed the possibility of adding a handrail, and altering the depth and length of the steps on the pathway.

Taylor also explained that it’s not a critical pathway, so it doesn’t need to be finished by a certain date.


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New LSC building pathway

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min