A choir of Raiders

Drew May


The choir is fitting comfortably into its new home in the Arts and Allied Health building.

Last year, the choir was forced to practice in the lecture hall in the library building. Now they are able to practice in rooms that were actually made for music. The choir director, Dr. Kenneth Owen loves the new building. It has the proper acoustics and a brand new amphitheatre the choir can use.

Owen has been teaching the choir for five years and encourages anyone to come join, even if they have no musical background. He also is the advisor for the Choir Club at Pierce.

Originally, Owen had no intention of teaching or even singing in a choir. He excelled primarily in piano. But when he reached high school, his private teacher insisted he take a music class. He ended up accompanying the choir on the piano. He grew to love the sound of the choir and ended up getting a doctorate in choral directing.

When Owen came to Pierce College five years ago, the choir had only 19 people in it. This quarter, there are more than 60 members. Owen would love to see that number grow. Members of the choir get to perform at the end of the quarter.

It’s not just about singing though; there’s also a social aspect to it all.

If you’d like to join the choir, you can join at the beginning of any quarter. Non-students can still join. Just come to the meetings, which are at noon of every weekday in the Arts and Allied Health building.

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A choir of Raiders

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