A guide to summer internships

A guide to summer internships

Katie Ardmore

Editor in Chief

Internships provide some of the best opportunities to get extra college credit, money, and valuable work experience over the summer. But many students have no idea where to start when it comes to summer internships. Here are some helpful tips for students to get started:

Search: Find all the internship opportunities in your area. The Internet is full of job and internship search sites. Common internship websites are internships.com, internweb.com and college.monster.com/education. There are also specialized internship searches such as journalismjobs.com, international-internships.com or mymusicjob.com. You can also find internships by searching “internships near (your zip code)” on Google.

Build: If you don’t already have a résumé, make one right away. If you do have one, assess, update and improve it. Have teachers or friends look over it and give you suggestions. Search the web for tips or take a class like business communications or technical writing. A unique and impressive résumé is essential for getting an internship, so make sure yours is exceptional before moving on to the next step.

Apply: Now that you have your résumé ready, and you know where to apply, start the process. If the company you’re applying to has a job description for their internship, write your cover letter with it in mind. Make your cover letter correspond with the job description by using key words from the job description. For example if the description asks for a hard worker or a self-motivator, share in your cover letter about the many projects you have completed or about the good grades you got in school due to your self-motivation.

Follow through: If you don’t hear back within a month, call the company and ask about it. Following through shows you care about the internship and you are dedicated to getting it. If you are offered the internship, still be on your best behavior in order to secure it. Wear professional attire to any interviews or meetings. Even if you land an unpaid internship, still treat it as a paid position and act accordingly. Whoever you do an internship for will later be a reference, so you want to make the best impression possible.

Follow these tips and have fun with your summer internship.

One final tip: don’t give up. Even if it’s unpaid or it’s not what you expected, it’s still great experience and will look impressive on your résumé. Experience is experience, no matter how much you get paid.16-9-june-2011_page_18



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A guide to summer internships

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