A place of their own: Documenting the finer arts at Pierce

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Dedicated to the advancements of student knowledge Pierce College also fosters support for the importance of the fine arts. For the purpose of a poly-mathematical advancement it has become costume for Pierce College Puyallup to hold the annual Spring Students Fine Arts Exhibition. For many of the students of Pierce College art is important in the purpose of encompassing all developmental.

The spring school art exhibition brings together Pierce College students, both those showing in the exhibit and those who come to view. Through the exhibition students can learn not only about themselves, but about other students entering an emotional depth unique to an individual. This gives students the opportunity to make a personal statement about their own uniqueness through art while allowing the expression of emotions, whatever they may be.

The show speaks of the successes of the college in fostering development in artistic fields, but speaks more of the personal journey made by such students. Art reflects what people know about the world and enables them to choose how to translate those ideas and experiences. Due to the importance of conveying information through images the gallery is important, however, it will in time be removed from the walls of the Arts and Allied Health Building.

It is therefore in an attempt to document the achievements of Pierce students that their work has been presented within the pages of The Puyallup Post.

To honor their photography, paintings, drawings and prints, student art grace these pages as a memorial of a school year.

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A place of their own: Documenting the finer arts at Pierce

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