Access and Disability Services opens doors for students on Puyallup campus

Zach Smith
Pierce College’s Access and Disability Services office offers many forms of aid to students with temporary or permanent disabilities.
According to the Access and Disability Services website, the goal of its services is to support “an integrated learning experience for students with disabilities by providing an environment that is free from physical and attitudinal barriers.”
The Access and Disability Services in room A116 offers alternative formats of textbooks, educates and trains students and staff in the usage of assistive technology, including things like Dragon Naturally Speaking.
In addition, staff members facilitate the placement of adjustable chairs in classrooms and provide college parking permits. They also assist with educational planning and advising as well as placing American Sign Language interpreters in classes with deaf students.
Other services Access and Disability Services offer are alternate testing procedures and referrals for additional support.
Pierce College fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure students with disabilities have full and equal access to college services.
Pierce also offers counseling services on both the Puyallup and Fort Steilacoom campuses (in the Access and Disabilities office on the Puyallup campus).
Pierce’s counseling services offers many different resources to students to help them deal with stress and help them work through issues they might encounter, on or off campus.
Pierce has faculty counselors who are trained to help students who may be in crisis while they attend Pierce. They are able to meet with the student, assess the situation and provide appropriate help. The counselors are familiar with mental health resources in the community and can provide referrals where needed.
Temporary personal counseling is available to help students cope with issues such as balancing school work with work and home, difficulties in class, anxiety and depression.
Students also can find one-on-one support for issues that may be inhibiting their academic success.
Counseling services can help students explore new possibilities based on their interests and personalities with career counseling.
More information is available at and
Call (253) 840-8335 or TTY at (253) 840-8474 or e-mail at for more details.


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Access and Disability Services opens doors for students on Puyallup campus

by Zach Smith time to read: 1 min