Administrators really need to get it together

Katie Ardmore

Editor in Chief

Pierce College administrators have processes to decide how to set up processes to start processes. Pretty confusing right?

One might ask how they get anything done with all these redundancies and long time periods between decisions. They don’t really.

Pierce College has about 75 committees. At a recent all-staff meeting regarding administration restructuring, a staff member asked a question about the committee in charge of the committees. Wait, what?!

Yes, there is a committee in charge of committees. And that staff member’s question was whether or not that committee had done their job and reached a decision about another committee.

The administrators’ answer? “Ultimately… no,” Chancellor Michele Johnson said.

Aside from that large issue, many of the committees don’t even have a purpose. Administrators can’t remember what half of them are for, so the committees just float around uselessly in committee land waiting for something to convene about.

Anyone can see the problem here, but it gets worse. The processes the college must go through to make decisions are ridiculous.

They recently had to set up a structure, present it, and have it approved by every level. This complex structure that they spent so much time on is the structure of a large committee, involving everyone. The purpose of that committee? To restructure administration across the district.

So, they have to spend months to set up a structure of people to do the restructuring. They must then use that structure to go through another long process to restructure everything.

The concept is exhausting. Administrators predict the reorganization will not be over until December 2012. And their goal is to make these types of processes more efficient and concise.

It will be amazing if administration can actually achieve that goal.


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Administrators really need to get it together

by Katie Ardmore time to read: 1 min