Are you interested in advertising with The Puyallup Post?

Thank you for your interest in The Puyallup Post.

The Puyallup Post is a 10- by 16-inch tabloid. Nine issues are published during the school year—three issues during each of the fall, winter and spring quarters. The Post is distributed to 3,500 students, faculty and staff on campus.

Our publication schedule is below with our advertising rates and contact information.


The rate is $4.50 per column inch.

Here are some standard sizes:

Full Page (10 inches x 15.4 inches)                                                $277.20

3/4 Page (10 inches x 11.6 inch)                                                    $208.80

1/2 Page Vertical (5 inches x 15.4 inches)                                        $138.60

1/2 Page Horizontal (10 inches x 7.833 inches)                                 $138.60

3/8 Page (5 inches x 11.6 inches)                                                   $104.40

1/4 Page Vertical (4.917 inches x 7.833 inches)                                $68.40

1/4 Page Horizontal (10 inches x 3.833 inches)                                 $68.40

1/8 Page Vertical (4.917 inches x 3.833 inches)                                $34.20

Business card      (3.22 inches x 3.833 inches)                                 $30

Full color                                                                                   $200 additional

A 10 percent discount is given for advertisements published in three or more issues. Students and on-campus organizations receive 25 percent discounts. The Post will not accept advertising for alcohol or tobacco products; mail orders or 1-(900) numbers. The Post also reserves the right to reject advertising that is deemed to be inappropriate, tasteless or offensive, or that promotes illegal or abusive activities.

Our contact information:

1601 39th Avenue Southeast

Puyallup, Washington 98374-2222

(253) 840-8496       FAX: (253) 840-8350

E-mail us at or use our secure contact form.


Publication schedule


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