Alex Hall has got soccer team’s back

One can describe freshman goalkeeper Alex Hall as bruised, torn, broken, fractured and ultimately injured this last season.

Hall’s first injury occurred when he was pulled out of a game due to a red card penalty. He experienced multiple stomach pains and cramps that evening but it wasn’t until early the next morning that he felt an excruciating pain in his abdomen. The stomach pain was caused by his appendix, which was removed later that day.

After a two week recovery, Hall was back on the field. Five games later, Hall went for a ball while playing keeper and as he came down, his elbow struck the ground, which resulted in a dislocated shoulder, a torn scapula, a bruised back muscle and torn shoulder muscles.

After 15 years of experience, this was the first season that Hall was injured playing soccer—let alone four major injuries in one game.

It has always been his goal to play professional soccer one day and he has been working his entire life to achieve that goal. He has played on six other teams before playing for Pierce College.

In comparison, Hall says that in playing for Pierce, he is surrounded by a higher level of competition. Hall said that club soccer was more for fun and he was surrounded by friends. At the collegiate level, the game is more serious and all the players are focused, talented soccer players.

The team just completed their fall season with an overall record of 5-10-2. In the spring, they will begin their training again for next year. Hall explained that during the off-season some of the guys will likely start a men’s league on their own. He explained that the league is just to get some extra practice with the ball, but the competition wouldn’t be as serious because there wouldn’t be any coaches to hold them accountable.

Hall says that his favorite part of playing for Pierce is meeting new teammates and getting to know them. He explained that the team is very family-like and they all have a close bond. As the team is mostly comprised of freshman, they are new to this experience and have been able to develop together.

“We have a mediocre team this year,” Hall said. “Next year will be a very good team.”

As the players train on their own during the off season, they hope to come back stronger next year and be more successful in meeting all of their goals.




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Alex Hall has got soccer team’s back

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