All freshman volleyball team can hold its own


Sara Konu


The women’s volleyball team had a challenging pre-season, but has consistently shown improvement.

The team’s current league standing is 3-3 and season standing is 9-15. During the pre-season conference, they played six of the top eight ranked teams and in the process the team learned a lot about competition at the junior college level.

Athletic Director Duncan Stevenson acknowledged Head Coach Doug Carlson’s tactic in planning a challenging pre-season.

“Some programs will schedule really soft pre-season schedules just because it looks good on their record,” said Stevenson. “Then they get to their league season and they get trounced.”

While the team has no intention of being trounced, they are at a bit of a disadvantage. This year’s volleyball team is composed entirely of freshman, a phenomena that hasn’t happened in several years, and that has posed some challenges.

“They have never been through this type of intense season before, so it is all new,” Carlson said. “As sophomores, it will get easier and we have improved over the last three or four weeks in that regard.”

Carlson’s goals for the team are to win the Western Division and place well in the NWAACC Tournament. To get them there, he runs vigorous practices, which, if their improved scores are anything to judge by, are paying off.

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All freshman volleyball team can hold its own

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