Art or vandalism: Is tagging the new way of expressing ones self?

Morgan Bullock

Contributing writer

On April 20 friends joined in downtown Seattle to remember Micah, who passed away last year. Micah was into tagging. Seattle is known for being more “artistically accepting” whether it be tagging or statues expressing controversial things.

In the SODO district, there is a “free wall” located behind Club Motor. The free wall is privately owned by a man who allows people of all different walks of life to come and express themselves.

Many people consider tagging a form of vandalism and in some cases it may be. In this particular situation people were joining to celebrate the life of someone and expressing their love for him with tagging. It was also something he truly enjoyed, which made it all the more meaningful. When it comes to people who destroy things, write things that are vulgar, or gang affiliations; to me, tagging is just a form of vandalism.

All in all, the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” comes into play here. To some the free wall is just a big eyesore. To many others, the free wall is a place where one can legally come and be artistic and express many types of feelings with a few cans of spray paint.


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Art or vandalism: Is tagging the new way of expressing ones self?

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