Kristen Phillips

Time to get your Spring on

The anticipated sunny weather is approaching. But Washington is much like a box of chocolates because you never know what you’re going to get weather wise. So as the sweaters and boots are tucked away for a few months, it’s time to bring out open-toed shoes and sundresses.

Vote with your feet

Why go one day without shoes? To serve as a reminder of the millions of children living in developing nations who are unable to afford the luxury of shoes and therefore risk injury, disease and infections daily.

Catch spring fever while cleaning your closet

Blossoming flower bulbs, warm breezes and serenading birds indicate that spring’s just around the corner. As the season’s freshness signifies new life, simple, small tasks can create newness inside the home.

As the idea of “spring cleaning” begins to spread, take a deep breath.

Lessons in practical fashion

tereotypically, instructors aren’t known for their fashion sense.

Those constant hours in front of the classroom lecturing and leading discussions while surrounded by dry erase markers that no longer work and frustrating technology that won’t cooperate make fashion the least of their priorities.