Dear Sophie

Dear Sophie, Being a college student I am a very busy person! I work a lot, go to school full time, always have family things going on and I have sports as well.

To love and be loved in return

Every year when February comes, the “in a relationship” icon on Facebook can cause mixed emotions for people. While some are fond of the single life, others are pining for love.

Technology these days

Technology has made people’s lives convenient, so convenient, in fact, that they now can earn college degrees while sitting at home in their bunny slippers and fuzzy robes.

Preparing for finals

If you generally drink a cup of coffee while studying or in class, then be sure to do the same before the test. If under the influence of caffeine while learning information, that information will be more easily retrieved under the same influence.

Tips from the pros: preparing for finals

With finals just around the corner, students all over campus are studying endlessly for their tests. Or, they’re trying to think of how they can get out of studying and still come away with a passing grade.