Awesome dates at affordable rates


Awesome dates

(at affordable rates)

Kristen Phillips


Contrary to popular belief, the most memorable dates aren’t always expensive activities and extravagant dinners. A date can be unforgettable without the stress and distraction of unnecessary expenses. After all, the purpose of a date is to spend quality time with your significant other while catching up and shutting the noise out of your busy lives.

So why not get the attention off of yourselves and focus on thinking about others through random acts of kindness? Go out for a coffee date— then pay for the person behind you. Deliver donuts to the police station. Visit a location with bikers and runners on the sidewalks and give them water bottles. Tape quarters onto a soda machine. You’ll find that as you give to others, you receive. Never underestimate the power acts of kindness may have, you can make a difference.

Be creative and do what hasn’t been done. Plan ahead so that your significant other will feel appreciated and cared for. You don’t even have to go out to enjoy quality time—you can have a memorable date night right in your own home. Start by making a meal together—it doesn’t have to be dinner, you can make breakfast or whatever tickles your taste buds. Turn on some music, try a new recipe and tackle it together.

Once your masterpiece is finished, eat it somewhere fun. Spread a blanket in the hallway or enjoy a picnic on the roof. Then have a game night together—play cards, pull out the never ending game of Monopoly or play your other favorite childhood games.

To top off your creative evening, make a fort and settle in with a movie. Pull out the blankets from the closet and use clothespins and books to create your haven. If you’re the active type and this sounds a bit too tedious, pop in a workout video—or better yet, create your own workout video together.

Scavenger hunt dates are always fun and can be personalized to exceed any expectations of your significant other. Create clues to different places that are sentimental and mean something to the both of you. For example, you can create a clue leading to the place where you had your first date or a riddle that brings them to their favorite food venue or preferred spot to study. At each location, you can also include a small gift or sentiment and still finish the evening at an affordable rate.

Ice skating, roller blading, mini golfing, hiking, bike rides and sporting events are another way to get out of the norm at an affordable price. It’s not necessarily about the quantity of activities or how much the date costs, but the quality of the time spent together and the conversation that is sparked.

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Awesome dates at affordable rates

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