Bargains on a budget

Depending on what specific item you’re looking for there are a lot of great places to find it for cheap.

Katie Lane


Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it doesn’t require an overnight stay in a strange parking lot and pushing your way through other stinky bodies searching for the big sale.

Depending on what specific item you’re looking for there are a lot of great places to find it for cheap.

Goodwill Outlet Store: Located in Tacoma, this Goodwill is different than the rest. You can always find fairly cheap things at your local Goodwill but the outlet store has these items at even lower prices. However, you do run the risk of encountering a few “bargain maniacs” here. Items aren’t shelved and divided like other locations. They are instead in bins of other similar items. This saves on mark ups and if you have the energy you can find some great things for exceptionally cheap prices.

Ross: Like most stores, the location of a Ross store tends to determine what items they carry. In Puyallup on Meridian, between Best Buy and Bed, Bath and Beyond sits one of the best Ross stores around. They have an amazing selection of clothing that cycles often. The men’s and women’s sections are very balanced in quantity so it doesn’t have to be a trip the thrifty person makes alone. You can find bargain items ranging from sheets to baking pans. It can be crowded but the bargains are worth it.

Big Lots: Once again, each Big Lots store tends to have very different items. This is one place you have to be careful what you see as a bargain. I like that instead of using a price tag that says $3.99 to make you think an item is only $3 dollars they’ll round it to $4. There are some things that are excellently priced, especially when it comes to pet items. It’s always worth a visit if you’re looking for something inexpensive but still have options for your taste.

Value Village: Second hand clothes can lead to amazing finds. Not only does Value Village do a good job of offering decent hand-me-downs, they have a great selection of books for the thrifty bookworm. As always with any second hand store it’s important to determine if the quality is worth the price and they generally are. They have steep prices on some household items but it could be worth it to some people.

Consignment stores: Children grow like weeds. Finding a good consignment store that will give you store credit for the items you bring in can save tons of money as kids continue to grow. You can never go wrong with free money.

Saving money is a great thing, especially when you’re in college.

If you can make trips to somewhere other than your local Wal-Mart to get the bargain items, it’s worth it.

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Bargains on a budget

by Katie Lane time to read: 2 min