Blood blood everywhere

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Almost 65 students and employees participated in the blood drive hosted by Pierce College and Cascade Regional Blood Services on Oct. 6.

Four more blood drives are expected this school year. The dates are Dec. 1, Feb. 2, April 6 and June 1.

Pierce has a history with Cascade Regional, which has had eight prior blood drives on campus but also is well known in the community for their mobile blood drives.

In the past, Pierce has sponsored other successful drives. It has had 197 new blood donors and 621 total donors during the course of the past two years. Student Programs leaders plan to keep working with Cascade Regional.

Cascade Regional’s goal is to provide a constant and safe supply of blood to the community. They have roughly 100 mobile blood drives each month, which makes up 60 percent of the community’s blood drives.

The organization has served South King and Pierce County for more than 60 years since its founding in 1946. Cascade Regional has solely provided blood to Good Samaritan Hospital since 1952. Cascade provides to 11 other hospitals in South King and Pierce County as well.

For any students who are planning on donating in the future, Cascade Regional wants them to know to bring an ID, drink lots of water, avoid caffeine, eat a meal high in iron, and have at least six hours of sleep. Also, there is a 0 percent chance of getting AIDS or any other blood-related infectious diseases while donating.

Cascade Regional representatives will ask donors a few questions before the process starts, and blood drawing only takes about six to eight minutes, plus recovery time.

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Blood blood everywhere

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