Book review: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Summer Porter

Contributing writer

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Anne Rice

Beauty was awoken by not a kiss but by the soft intimate caresses of a man. She was taken body and soul for all she was worth by the handsome and wealthy prince of a far-off kingdom. The kingdom he travelled so far from is well known for a reputation of whisking off young princes and princess and delivering them into servitude for subjects’ own delight and pleasure.

As Beauty is taken away, her parents and subjects do nothing. They understand the debt that their kingdom owes to the prince, and Beauty gets one last look of the life she knew for only a short fifteen years.

Used to being pampered and taken care of by her servants, Beauty is taken aback by the role she must now play.

The Queen of the kingdom, and the mother of the prince who captured her, explains to her about how they do each prince and princess good favor by teaching them humility and restraint. She claims that the royalty they bring to serve them are selfish and need to be shown how it is to be in the shoes of those who once served them.

For years, the royals from outlying kingdoms stay and serve the queen and her subjects until deemed ready to be released, their time done, and sent back to their homes.

Beauty had never been told of such a place by her parents, but even they had served their time here once. She must do everything as she is told, or she will spend even longer in servitude than required. Will she choose rebellion and stay there forever suffering the worse punishments imaginable or follow the rules?

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is an astounding adult version of the fairy tale we all have grown to love. Prepare yourself for intense and graphic scenes. Follow Beauty’s journey into adulthood as she is claimed, captured, and released into the world once more.

A trilogy: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment, Beauty’s Release.

We think it deserves: five stars

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Book review: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

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