Book review: Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide:

Complete Protection from the living dead

Max Brooks


Even if the zombie apocalypse were to never happen, I’d still reread this book dozens of times just for its pure indulging enjoyment. For anyone looking for a good read, this is it.

Max Brooks’ genius novel The Zombie Survival Guide is a phenomenal piece packed full with a unique style of writing. It’s easy to get so engulfed by the book that hours of time can pass by.

The book is easy to follow and well laid out. Every chapter flows together and can effortlessly be referenced to. Brooks’ style of writing was humorous yet very logical.

He began by explaining that all it takes to become a zombie could be a disease, and from there his imagination created a realistic scenario with several imaginative outbreaks in which the disease spread.

One scenario that Brooks’ wrote of was that the disease got spread through Africa and that only the native tribes knew how to dispose of the zombies. However, a couple of zombies floated across the ocean to America, where a miniscule outbreak occurred and the government quickly stepped in to hush the event. He wrote years and years worth of historical data of zombie outbreaks in which every case could be linked to a prior outbreak.

He proceeds to teach how to watch for zombie cases, and how to prepare for a larger outbreak. He even goes as far as explaining what to do if you wake up in a zombie outbreak.

After reading this book, the captivating idea that the undead can rise again doesn’t seem so farfetched and can leave slight paranoia. I found myself questioning my sanity. But I guess that’s what makes a good writer.

The only downside to this book is that the author wrote so that an undead scenario seemed realistic. I may dock a few points for making me paranoid, but it will forever be on my top list of favorite books.


I give it: Four out of five stars


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Book review: Zombie Survival Guide

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