Bringing cooking out of the kitchen

Marie Lahar


The school’s food supplier, Chartwells, wanted to stir things up and show students what employees really do in the kitchen.

Director of Food Services Barbara Moroco, in conjunction with Student Programs, planned a food demonstration for students. They sampled some of Chartwells’ own creations.

Head chef Shawn Richburg whipped up chipotle barbeque meatballs, spinach salad with cranberries, and a black bean wrap for the students to sample while he cooked a stir-fry.

He cooked the turkey stir-fry out in the Connection Café and was able to chat with some students. Richburg created these recipes and does so every week.

Although the demonstration was delicious and entertaining, the key point Chartwells officials wanted to make was about all the work the students don’t realize.

“The students don’t actually know what we do here,” Moroco said. “They don’t know our baker is here every day at 4 a.m. and that everything we do is made fresh daily.”

She went on to say that they buy the food so that they can offer the best price on quality ingredients.

Although the food is great, Moroco emphasized that the demonstration wasn’t just about their food but also about what they do.

Moroco wanted to let students know more about a new training Chartwells plans to do in customer service. She also wanted to inform students that they donate to charities and help in fundraising. She also told students they can make arrangements for any individuals with allergies or food preferences and that they already prepare for individuals who are vegan or milk intolerant.

Moroco wants students to be able to enjoy their meals and enjoy Chartwell’s service.

“To have the best customer service and healthy food in conjunction with that, that’s the bottom line,” Moroco said.

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Bringing cooking out of the kitchen

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