Business center open for business



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Student Programs recently opened a new student business center with extra resources for students on the run.

Pierce College Puyallup’s student business center allows students to copy, scan and print papers, use a fax machine, a stapler or hole punch and even use a courtesy phone to make local calls. Student Programs staff will be on hand to assist students as they use these resources.

To access these services, students need to provide their student IDs. A log records the services the student uses, along with their ID numbers, addresses and phone numbers.

The goal of login is to determine what services are in the greatest demand.

Secretary Senior Deanna Headley says the reason the center was created is that a large number of students have come into the Student Programs office wanting to use the fax machine or phone and had to be turned away.

“It seemed a little harsh to send them away,” she said.

Headley says Student Programs staff also had noticed a lack of these services elsewhere on campus.

“We are just trying to help students out and make things more convenient for them,” she said.

Headley explained that the business center is different from the library or computer center because all of the services in the business center are free for students, including copying.

“They used to charge for copying. It’s free for students here,” Headley said, “and we have people to help you.”

However, these services may not always be free.

Costs for the business center’s services will be assessed at the end of winter quarter and a minimum fee may be charged for the services beginning in spring quarter.

The business center is in the Student Program office in Room CTR 210.


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Business center open for business

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