Campus blood drive draws support


Zach Smith
Cascade Regional Blood Services came to Pierce College’s Puyallup campus Oct. 5 to take blood from volunteers.
CRBS is an independent and non-profit community blood center that has provided blood products and related services to patients in King and Pierce county hospitals and clinics since 1946.
Students who donated blood did so onboard Cascade’s mobile blood drive buses, where they were given a brief physical and prepped for donation. Students described it as a relatively quick procedure, taking about half an hour to complete.
Pierce student and blood donor Kacie Fossand has been donating blood since she was 16, and was inspired to give blood. She believes it is a good thing because of an experience her friend had that left her in need of a blood transfusion.
Fossand described her experience with blood donation and that the after affects were not as severe as one might think.
“It’s an easy process for me; it doesn’t hurt,” said Fossand. “I felt fine afterwards; not too light headed.”
She went on to express her wish to see more people donate blood.
“If you are eligible, donate; it doesn’t take any time,” she said.
Patrick Tomlinson, who works in the computer center, also came to donate blood, as he has been doing for four years.
He described his inspiration for donating blood.
“My friend got in a car accident and lost a lot of blood; a transfusion saved his life, because they found blood types to match,” he said.
Tomlinson described his first time donating blood as hard, but said that it is easy now that he is experienced at donating.
Tomlinson discussed how the Cascade staff makes the process easy on donors.
“(The) Cascade staff makes sure you’re taken care of; people make the process good, make you want to come back,” he said.
Students who participated in the drive received free food and T-shirts on top of giving blood to those who need it.

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Campus blood drive draws support

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