Carless in Puyallup

Katie Ardmore


In today’s economy, many students can’t find the money to pay for car insurance, maintenance or fuel. In those circumstances, students begin the unsure search of how to keep going to college without transportation.

Lucky for them, the Pierce Transit system offers many solutions for the car-less student.

If someone has never taken a bus or hasn’t for a long time, it can be scary. But students need not fear; information is easy to access and the transit system is easy to use.

At, students can enter their starting location and ending location into a trip planner tool and have the site generate a route.

The website also offers recent information on different types of transit, routes and detours. There is even a mobile app available to keep people up to date all the time.

The Pierce Transit site offers information on different types of transit. There is a whole section for vanpool, which is a carpool system set up by Pierce Transit. There are instructions on how to start a vanpool and how to find one to join.

Other transportation options include riding a bus, riding a shuttle or biking to a park and ride. The website offers all the information a student could need about any of those.

If students want to use the transit system but are worried about how to pay, the Pierce Transit site also helps with that too. Commuters can pay their fares online by buying monthly passes or ORCA cards.

ORCA is a program that allows commuters to take advantage of all the transit offerings with only one card.

One must buy a $5 ORCA card and then put a balance on it. The person can then use that one card to pay for bus, train, rail, or ferry transportation until they run out of money. ORCA card owners can add money to their card any time through the website or over the phone.

The ORCA program offers several different card options depending on commuters’ needs.

With a registered card, card owners can have features like protection if their card gets stolen, a certain amount of money automatically being added to their account, or the ability to see their account online. Card owners can opt out of those features by getting unregistered cards.

To order an Orca card, students can visit or call 1-888-988-6722.    end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Another useful transit website is This site is similar to the Pierce transit one, but its main purpose is to promote other forms of transportation besides cars. This website makes transiting and carpooling fun.

Using the website, students can access tools like the commute calendar. With this tool, students can track trips they take using transportation methods other than cars. It allows commuters to see the money they save and the contribution they are making to the environment. Commuters can win prizes for logging their trips.

Other prizes are available through various promotion campaigns like Bike Month. The purpose of these campaigns is to offer more incentive for commuters to use other forms of transportation besides cars.

The Pierce Trips website offers helpful tips about other means of transportation. It has a section dedicated to bus transportation with various tools and resources including a guide for people new to riding the bus. The guide covers all the basics of bus-riding.

The site also has sections offering links and ways to find or start carpool or Vanpool groups. There is also a section with tips for bike riders and pedestrians.

With all the options available through the Pierce county transit system, a student finding himself or herself without a car does not need to feel discouraged about being car-less in Puyallup.



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Carless in Puyallup

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