Catch spring fever while cleaning your closet

Kristen Phillips


Blossoming flower bulbs, warm breezes and serenading birds indicate that spring’s just around the corner. As the season’s freshness signifies new life, simple, small tasks can create newness inside the home.

As the idea of “spring cleaning” begins to spread, take a deep breath.

Certainly, there’ll be those all out, do-it-in-one-day frenzies where you just want to tackle the home in its entirety and feel accomplished, but take it easy.

Those ambitions are great but the momentary adrenaline rush is most often short lived, resulting in an incomplete disaster.

Start off with small, easily accomplished tasks.

You’ll feel productive, which is a great feeling to have. Completing little projects will motivate you to keep going and make you want to do more.

People are notorious for procrastinating, in every area of their lives – including tedious spring cleaning.

If you have the notion to do something, then do it right away. Don’t dawdle or put it off until a more convenient time. Because realistically, there will never be that perfect moment to clean or to organize.

So tackle it now, while the idea is fresh in your mind and while you have the spark of motivation in your favor.

In order to make your goals attainable, organize something in your home weekly. Create a simple to-do list and stick to it. As you de-clutter your home, your mind will begin to replace your scatterbrained tendencies with the peaceful relief that clean, organized spaces promote.

Obtain a plethora of bins because bins are your friend. As you go to organize your garage, closet or family room, place alike items in corresponding bins to maximize your space and make finding things more convenient.

Turn up the jams because music provides a beneficial distraction to get your mind off the tedious task you are pursuing.

Color-coordinate your closet. Although it may initially seem tedious, the finished product is well worth the effort. The once dreaded task of choosing an outfit in the morning will be replaced with an abundance of colors and options to easily choose from.

In addition to color coordinating your closet, go one step further and separate the closet by type of clothes. For example, arrange all your professional and formal clothes at one end of the closet, your workout garb at the other end, and casual, everyday attire in the center.

Place the clothes that are out of season in a separate location. Put your winter clothes in a bin in the back of your closet or off to the side. Maximize the phrase, “out with the old in with the new.” As you get rid of your wintery blues, do away with thick wool sweaters and coats.

Organize your shoes in an orderly fashion. Place all your open-toed shoes in one area, all your tennis shoes in another location, formal shoes in a separate place, and boots off to the side. Obtain a shoe rack, shoe shelves, shoe bins or a hanging shoe organizer.

Clean out your wardrobe to get rid of your unflattering, never worn, and worn-out clothes to make a functional, practical closet. If you haven’t worn a certain sweater for the past five years but you keep telling yourself that you’ll wear it when the perfect occasion arises, then get rid of it. Chances are that occasion will never present itself and that lovely design you thought it once had, is actually just dust particles that are beginning to unite.

Once you establish a hefty load of unnecessary clothes, be socially conscious in the way that you dispose of them. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure, so make a trip to a local clothing bank or Goodwill. Or, earn a little extra spending money to replace your old wardrobe by having a yard sale.

If the clothes aren’t too ugly, then give the clothes to a friend or family member. To give is to receive. Appreciate the opportunities that you have to bless others in a way that is simple and meaningful.


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Catch spring fever while cleaning your closet

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