Campus Life

The ageless scholar

Increased unemployment rates are changing the landscape of colleges across America. With the nation’s jobless rate nearing 10 percent and actual unemployment topping 20 percent, more people are turning to the world of academia as a means of weathering the current economic downturn.

Take advantage of the resources

The average student who roams the college’s halls may be unaware of the many free services offered to students on campus. Just by being a student, a whole vault of tools is opened to make the time spent here enjoyable and aid each students education.

New silent study area opens in the library

Noise annoys and it seems to be everywhere, especially when students don’t want it to be, like when they’re studying for finals. However, Pierce officials found a solution. In the library, a newly-opened silent study area offers students a quiet area.

Modern body art in workplace

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, an employer has the right to define an acceptable dress code for employees as long as the code doesn’t discriminate or hinder one’s gender, race, color, religion, age, nationality or origin.

Tips for success

Starting college can be stressful whether you’re returning or starting your first year. There are several ways to reduce the stress of college life and the challenges that it poses. Use these tips for a successful school year

A guide to summer internships

Internships provide some of the best opportunities to get extra college credit, money, and valuable work experience over the summer. But many students have no idea where to start when it comes to summer internships. Here are some helpful tips for students to get started: