Centurylink outage affects western Washington

Centurylink experienced a nationwide outage on Thursday, causing 911 emergency services in parts of western Washington to be inaccessible. Centurylink estimated the outage to be fixed by Friday at 1 a.m. but the Washington Emergency Management Division commented at 9 a.m. that the service was still irregular. Multiple states sent emergency alerts to residents to ensure safety precautions were taken. The major states affected include Washington, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona and Missouri.

According to Centurylink’s status page, the company is taking the service interruptions seriously and have already made substantial progress in restoring multiple services by working around the clock. Full connection, however, is still being restored.

CenturyLink is one of the largest telecommunications provider in the U.S. If the company experiences data center or fiber issues, it can cause other companies to have cell site blackouts and service to be cut out. According to CNN, Ajit Pai, Federal Communications Commission Chairman, considers the outage completely unacceptable.

Many agencies communicated through Twitter to give specific numbers to call for varying areas in case of an emergency.

Pierce County local police numbers are listed below:

Puyallup Police: 253-798-4722

Tacoma Police Dispatch: 253-591-5953

Pierce County 911: 253-798-4721

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Samantha Allred

Samantha Allred

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Samantha Allred

Centurylink outage affects western Washington

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