Chivalry is alive, you just have to find it

Marie Lahar


The common saying, “Chivalry is dead” is not the case. Chivalry is out there you just have to be looking, and trust me, waiting and looking is worth it when you find that true gentlemen.

I know how it goes, Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want that perfect Valentine who will bring you chocolates and flowers. Well guess what, they’re out there. And for those of you who already have him, remember to thank him for having chivalry. For those of you who are still looking, you just might have to wait through a couple Valentine’s Days without him.

A friend of mine once told me “The day my boyfriend can bring me AND my mom flowers is when I will know he’s the one.”

What she was looking for was a gentleman, but she didn’t believe he was out there.

Here’s the thing, one day the guy in my life showed up on my porch step carrying colorful tulips, he had brought them for my mother who had recently fractured her foot. He then proceeded to wish her a swift recovery and took me on a date. I’ve found my gentleman, but I’ve had to go through several jerks to find him.

Chivalry sure isn’t dead because I witness it every day when my car door gets opened, or my favorite candy bar is handed to me for no reason besides the fact that my gentlemen wanted to make me smile.

There are plenty of guys who are total jerks, but you can’t categorize all of them in one lump. There are guys out there who actually want to open doors and help you leap over a rain puddle.

The definition of chivalry is “qualities expected of the ideal medieval knight, especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others, especially women.”

In Medieval times, the women still had to wait around because every man out there wasn’t a knight. In modern times, we’ve put an emphasis that chivalry is being respectful, and polite. I’m a lucky one because I’ve found my knight, but it didn’t happen instantly.

For any other women out there, it might be the same for you. Maybe it won’t happen this Valentine’s Day, maybe not the next, but it’s worth the wait. When you do get your knight, everything will seem right and you won’t have to worry about chivalry being dead because it’ll always be right there for you.

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Chivalry is alive, you just have to find it

by Tessa LaVergne time to read: 2 min