College celebrates Civics Week

Jacob Bush


To officially kick off Civics Week: Rock the Vote, the band Girl on Fire performed. Free food and voter registration information were provided by Student Programs on April 22.

Instructor John Lucas hosted a lecture about the 2012 presidential election on April 23. Lucas provided several examples of polls and models used in past elections that have turned out to be accurate indicators of who will become president. Although quantitative models can estimate, they can’t calculate personal choices and reasoning of a nation.

In one example, the taller candidate has always won. Historical comparisons of height verify that the taller candidate tends to win a majority of the votes.

Though, in the 2004 election John Kerry was taller than George Bush, he still won a majority of the votes, so the theory holds true. Mitt Romney is 6 foot 2 inches and Barack Obama is 6 foot 1 inch, so according to their heights this will be a close election.

On the third day of civics week, a student veteran panel discussed how the military has shaped their perception of school, work ethic and priorities. Among the panelists were U.S. Marines Steven Paine, Brandon Madlena and Jonathon Schwecker as well as retired U.S. Army veteran and instructor Floyd Churchill.

The panel discussed reasons why people should and shouldn’t join the military, the respect they have found as veterans at Pierce College and even suggested that there should be something like a Veterans Club at Pierce to provide a place where students who have served in the military can get together and share their experiences.

Following the veterans panel, the becoming a U.S. citizen event took place with instructors Chris Vanneson and Victoria Mayorga.

Thursday, Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed spoke as part of a tour of 45 schools before he retires later this year. Reed outlined the importance of this election year in both the national arena and state elections. Reed emphasized his goals to promote civics across the state and encourage every citizen, especially college students, to vote in his speech.

He described how his office has made it easier than ever to vote in Washington state, with a new system of e-voting. Washington is one of few states in the nation to adopt the online voting method. At the end of Reed’s speech, students participated in a civics quiz to win eight prizes of $25 for the campus bookstore.

Civics week was capped off with a 4 p.m. volunteer trip to Mountain View Community Center where students helped serve food.


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College celebrates Civics Week

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