Comfort Food Cafe: lunch with a purpose

Abigail Russell
Contributing Writer
With home-style decor, service with a smile and healthy food choices, Comfort Food Cafe is the perfect place for people of all ages and occupations to stop in for lunch or a snack. Next door to the downtown Puyallup Forza near Pioneer Park, Comfort Food Cafe is convenient and cozy.
Decorated in warm colors, the servers’ friendly greetings add to the warmth of the small cafe. A large bulletin board on the street side wall holds fliers, inspiring quotes from people such as Steven Curtis Chapman, advertisements for ministries such as Youth With A Mission and other such paraphernalia creating a conservative, Christian quality to the place.
The menu is less extensive than other menus for larger restaurants, but it fits the cafe’s main purpose of providing a healthy option for lunch and tasty desserts.
My one complaint is the prices were a little higher than expected ($10.75 for chicken Caesar salad), however, profits are given to good causes, specifically international orphans and foster youth, which makes the price a little easier to pay.
Leftover food is donated to the homeless, mothers in the MOP program and other causes. Comfort Food Cafe’s causes and mission are mentioned on the last page of its menu alerting its customers how they are helping the community and beyond just by eating lunch.
Customers are provided with the option of half or whole serving sizes of main dishes and other menu items.
Nutritional information is provided for most everything on the menu, making it easy to keep track of one’s diet. Also, items that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free are designated with the appropriate abbreviations making it safe and accommodating to those with different preferences and allergies.
Parking is available on the street as well as across the intersection in a private lot. There is a variety of seating options including booths, tables and seasonal outdoor seating.
Generally when “healthy” is tagged to a food item the taste suffers but not here. About 80-85 percent of the ingredients used for its dishes are organic which make them a healthier alternative to McDonald’s or most other common lunch stops.
Delicious and healthy food, friendly service and a family friendly atmosphere are all great reasons to stop by with your friends and family for a highly recommended visit.


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Comfort Food Cafe: lunch with a purpose

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