Common Book program to start


Kristen Phillips


A new program called the Common Book will emerge winter quarter featuring The New York Times bestseller, Brain Rules.

The Common Book’s purpose is to serve as a book club and connect students, staff and faculty in the Pierce College community.

“The Common Book is book we all have a common experience with,” said English instructor Beth Stevens, facilitator of the Common Book committee. “We all read it and engage with different activities surrounding the book.”

The idea was initially proposed early spring, when Patrick Schmitt, president of Pierce College Puyallup, sent an e-mail to faculty explaining the idea of the Common Book. Brain Rules was the book most recommended by faculty suggestions.

Brain Rules can be purchased in room C210. The cost is $9 for non-students and $4 for students.

The book is designed for instructors to have at their disposal, whether they choose to incorporate it into their classrooms or not is up to them. Fort Steilacoom and the military campus also will be integrating BrainRules onto their campuses.

The author of the book, Dr. John Medina, will visit the Puyallup campus April 26. The lecture will include a reception and book-signing.

A Common Book committee has been organized to plan a calendar of events and activities around the book. The group consists of members and representatives from the Health Education Center, Phi Theta Kapa, Student Support/Student Life, Library Services, the Pierce College Foundation, Student Programs, Nursing program, Student Access and Disability, the Academic Resource Center, a faculty counselor and a representative from Garnero Child Development Center.

Committee members will organize ways for instructors to integrate the book into their classes, plan events such as book discussions and in the future, they will select a book for next year.

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Common Book program to start

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