Common classroom, campus annoyances

With so much time spent with your fellow students and faculty, it’s important to know some of the things that annoy your comrade jailbirds.

Katie Lane


The average full-time student will spend roughly 60 hours per month in the classrooms of Pierce College.

With so much time spent with your fellow students and faculty, it’s important to know some of the things that annoy your comrade jailbirds.

-Assigned seating has long gone out the window since the days of high school. The job of finding a place to sit in the classroom now falls on the students. When attending the same class with the same people every day, sitting in the same seat is something most students expect to experience. When a student enters the classroom and finds their normal seat taken, the fabric of the seating arrangement can slowly start to unravel. This means finding a different place to sit, which in turn disrupts the arrangement of another person’s preferred seating and eventually can result in an entire shift of the classroom. Be courteous and try and stay in the same seat picked at the beginning of the quarter. Fellow classmates will thank you.

-There isn’t an ample amount of time to transition between classes, but there is certainly enough time to remove one’s self from a classroom that’s going to be occupied by a different set of students in the next hour. It’s a very awkward situation when there is someone left over from the previous class who doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. If the call of World of Warcraft is too much to facilitate a move out of the classroom, then there needs to be a shift in someone’s priorities.

-This generation is tech savvy, but people tend to be unable to unplug even if they’re paying money to sit somewhere and learn what is being presented to them. If someone needs to take their computer into class with them to type notes or other school related requirements, then they shouldn’t shop online while sitting there. Not only is it distracting for the people sitting around them who happen to be living vicariously through their online shopping, but also it’s disrespectful to the teacher.

-The Pierce College campus is a very beautiful place to spend family time. That being said, no one else wants to experience the problems parents have with their children and witness them discipline the child. Don’t yell at your kids, instead, lean in and whisper, it’s much more intimidating.

-Class discussion is a very important aspect of learning. However, there’s never a single idea that’s agreed on by everyone. Voicing an opinion is a good way to understand a subject better, but the art of knowing when to drop the discussion is an even better thing to learn. Every student learns differently, but most would agree that an argumentative student is generally a burden to the rest of the class.

-Sharing is a fundamental building block of growing up. Mothers aim to teach their children to get along well with the people around them by lending someone something they have forgotten. Some classmates tend to be far more forgetful then others. The person who always comes to class ill prepared, asking to borrow a pencil daily, a Scantron every time a test appears out of nowhere, or notes from the classes they’ve missed fall into a group of “borrowers.” The frustration of lending out items daily is one many students don’t learn to deal with from their mothers and annoyance ensues. Come to class prepared, even though someone might share with you; it’s your responsibility.


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Common classroom, campus annoyances

by Katie Lane time to read: 2 min