Connie makes music magic

Lori Schell

Contributing writer

Meredith Connie, an Australian-born music instructor and performer at Pierce College, tells her enjoyable story about how she came to live in Washington state.

Connie, 37, traveled from Murwillumbah, Australia, to the Evergreen State by having strength and perseverance for what she loves most in this world—music.

Connie learned to play guitar when she was about 7 years old. This gave way to her pursuing her love of music, even though people told her the career of a musician was not going to be fruitful. She still pressed on.

Although she is a bit shy about it, her acquaintances notice a wonderful smile and laugh that’s quite delightful.

Before working on the Puyallup campus, Connie taught at schools in Australia. It was her goal to study in America and earn her master’s degree in guitar at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

She’s worked in the Western states but said she loves Washington the most.

“One of the reasons I like the Northwest is because of its variety of places to go hiking,” Connie said.

In her free time, she does a variety of music projects. She has been involved in: singer song writer, duo with guitar players and duo with flute players.

Connie has written music choreography for theatrical dancers, taught children and individual lessons to earn money as well as many bands.

She enjoys the variety music has to offer—from music history to writing and creating new songs.

If she had her dream job, she would like to have more time to work on her creative writing.

Connie has performed locally. She was featured with a flute player, Duo Rubicund, at the Glass Museum Jan. 20. She had invited her students to be involved in her free show.

This guitar instructor only expects the students to try their best and use the knowledge she has to offer to expand their own skills.

She doesn’t think students taking the class for an elective or not caring much about music is much of a problem either. She knows they will leave her class knowing and enjoying music more.

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Connie makes music magic

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