Coping with a crappy schedule?

Marie Lahar


Crappy schedules have become an integrated part of college life. Sooner or later a mandatory class or a class offered only at one time will throw off a student’s entire schedule.

These awkward hours between classes, leave students only a few options. Pierce College Running Start student Taylor Kenyon’s awkward hours fall on Thursdays, when he must wait for a geology lab.

“I just hang out and leave myself some homework to do,” he said.

Although the hour messes his schedule up, he needs to take a lab. This was the least awkward class time. Transportation is a hassle when having to go home and come all the way back, so he chooses to stay at school. He found the hours to be convenient to do homework but he wishes they hadn’t been so long. To fill in the time after homework he hangs with friends, and attempts to use the computer lab.

Another student victimized by crappy schedules is Tyler Morgan, who has a mandatory art class at 2:15 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday while his other two classes are finished by 10 a.m.

“I see it as a chance to practice whatever I choose to. It’s like being at home, just without the dogs,” Morgan said.

He uses those long hours as an opportunity to read, write and occasionally watch movies. His take on all of it was to “basically keep options as open as possible.” When Student Programs throw events during his hours he usually sees those as another opportunity to kill some time.

The crappy schedule affects Christian Stewart, Hilary Peterson, Michael DeClercq and Patrick Tomlinson just as it has affected Morgan and Kenyon.

Stewart doesn’t have the chance to drive home unless he can catch a ride with a friend. He stays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on some days. He kills the time with food, friends and occasional card games such as Magic.

Peterson doesn’t have a problem with transportation, but she prefers to stay and use the time as homework and studying time. She uses resources like the library and the tutoring center to get the work done. However, after about an hour she gets sick of waiting.

DeClercq does have problems with transportation. With gas prices and how far he has to drive, he finds his gas guzzler a waste of time to use driving home. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he waits around for his art history class by playing his DS, using Facebook and doing a little homework.

As for Tomlinson he finds studying and working out at the Health building as a time killer. Occasionally he also uses the Academic Resource Center, but he does enjoy often having events put on by Student Programs to burn of some time.

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Coping with a crappy schedule?

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