Create and reuse for your accessory needs

Marie Lahar


It appears that fashion has to be defined by what’s new and is on the runway. However, brand new doesn’t always have to be bought in a store. Recently, there has been a movement to reuse and renew old clothing. The favorite of renewing is jewelry.

Necklaces and bracelets have been popping up with vintage pendants and charms on new chains and faux leather cords. Metal jewelry has also been melted down and reused. Thrift stores are particularly good for finding reused and vintage jewelry.

Clothing has always been known for its ability to be bought used, but it has more potential than just that. Buying thrift clothing is already common, but it’s also possible to turn clothing into accessories.

That ripped pair of jeans could become a headband or purse. It can be a brand new accessory to one’s wardrobe and won’t be left to rot in a garbage pile.

Turn ripped shirts into crafty patches for a new pair of pants. It’s also possible to reuse by repairing holes with decorations like ribbons, bows or fake flowers.

For a less girly look it’s also promising to get iron-ons (images you can iron onto any material) at a craft store with skull and bone designs, etc.

People who aren’t into crafting can buy pre-make recycled clothing or vegan-leather or suede to get that new but eco-friendly style. has several faux leather jackets for less than $70. And is known for suede shoes. Clothing made with organic cotton is also environmentally friendly.

Patagonia is a large brand name known for recycled clothing. The clothing is not made of old clothing though, it’s made out of recycled bottles. The bottles are melted down into a thread and woven into clothing.

Because the clothing isn’t made with traditional methods, Patagonia products are made durable and sustainable. It’s unlikely that they will break, and if they do Patagonia will repair it for free determining on the size of damage and how it was created.

If it’s unrepairable they will send you a gift card.

Patagonia’s cost is a bit high, but it’s durable. If interested, go to

Getting eco-friendly clothing, or reusing old material helps to free the earth of pollution and garbage one awesome accessory at a time.


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Create and reuse for your accessory needs

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