Dear Chivalry, wake up

Tessa LaVergne

Managing Editor

As Valentine’s Day is about to make its big debut (like every year), many people get their hopes up for that “love” of theirs to come out from the shadows and flower them with joy. I am here to tell you that most of your dreams will not come true. In fact, they won’t even be acknowledged. Chivalry is dead.

At the beginning of each quarter, we scope our classrooms for the best looking guy or girl and we make it a point to meet them. We tell our friends about the cute person in our class and how someday we hope we will get the chance go on a date with them. If we’re lucky, they will be our Valentine.

There are men out there right now saying that they definitely do not think like this. If this is true, then please, tell me what you mean when I hear you say “There is a SUPERRRR hot chick in my class. She sits in the left back corner.” You know you want that “chick” to notice you as well.

The girls want the guys to talk to them, the guys just want to check out the girls. This is true. This is the nature of the college student. This goes against all laws of chivalry and the appropriate way to approach a healthy relationship.

Ladies with class want to date a gentleman. A gentleman means opening the door for a girl. This goes for any girl—your sister, mother, best friend, or girlfriend. When a girl sees a guy opening a door for her, she notices and appreciates his effort to go out of the way for her.

The very meaning of chivalry is to go the extra mile out of your way to help someone else. Ladies look to gentlemen for a sense of belonging and even at times, protection. There is no better way to show your date that you can give them this than by sacrificing your own comfort for them.

The main excuse for a decline in these “knight in shining armor” characteristics is that the ladies like a man that’s hard to get, or that girls are rude and think guys that act nicely are weird. I am here to stand up for the females and say that you “dudes” are wrong.

If you want a girl that is worth your time in the long run, then you will be nice to them. If you want a girl for the night, then fine, be rude to them and show them what not being loved feels like.

Guys that are not chivalrous don’t have courage. It takes a lot of confidence to go out in the open, ask a girl on a date, or even just to open that door for her. Doing this is showing an interest in the girl which can be very nerve wracking.

At the same time, the girl is trying to stay cool the whole time you are doing these kind acts. She doesn’t want to over-react if you are simply going to lead her on and dump her the day before Valentine’s day so that you don’t have to buy her a present.

At Pierce, I’ve had my door opened a few times for me. The guys opening them made it seem like it was some sort of hassle though.

I would like to personally apologize to any gentlemen at Pierce College for the lack of gratefulness shown by ladies for your effort to show chivalry. I would also like to make a promise that if you continue on with this, we will show you some more attention. Let’s awaken Sir Chivalrous from the dead and bring him back to Pierce College.

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Dear Chivalry, wake up

by Tessa LaVergne time to read: 3 min