Dear Sophie

Sear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

Being a college student I am a very busy person! I work a lot, go to school full time, always have family things going on and I have sports as well. What do you suggest for time management? It is so stressful so even just a stress reliever idea would be nice!


Stressed to the max


Dear Stressed to the max,

Know that you are completely valid in the way you feel. College is such a crazy time of life. There are many significant decisions to be made and constant expectations to live up to. Take a deep breath. Prioritize the areas in your life that you place the most importance on. Invest in those relationships with your friends and family. Eliminate unnecessary activities that are straining your schedule. Know that you aren’t going to be able to please everyone and it is okay to say no.

Learn to embrace the time you are in and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Make to-do lists so you can feel accomplished and satisfied with your productivity. Give yourself small rewards after you accomplish a task. Once you think of what you need to accomplish, do it! Don’t put it off, or tell yourself you will do it later. Log off Facebook and start the assignments the day you get them.

Go for a run, read while you’re on the treadmill. Place a priority on getting an adequate amount of sleep. Loss of sleep hurts your attention and mood. Know that you aren’t alone in the way you feel. There are many who feel your pain of being overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. This too, will pass. Embrace the time you’re in and enjoy the people you surround yourself with.

Hope this helps,



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