Dear Sophie


Dear Sophie,

My boyfriend has a lot of friends who are girls. I trust him completely, but it still bothers me that so many girls get to spend so much quality time with him. I get really jealous when I have to share him with random strangers. I don’t want him to stop hanging out with his friends, so what should I do to feel less jealous when he does?


Jealous Girlfriend


Dear Jealous Girlfriend,

I think it’s really cool you trust your boyfriend. It just sounds like you don’t trust the friends your boyfriend has. I think that to help yourself feel more comfortable with him hanging out with these random strangers, you should meet them.

Don’t impose on his friendship with them, just simply become friends with each of them. You will soon realize that your boyfriend and these girls are only good friends, and that your boyfriend sees something else in you that makes you stick out from the other girls.

Another way to become less jealous is to ask your boyfriend to not hang out with one girl alone until you’re comfortable with her.

Hopefully this will be able to change back to normal with time, however, because your boyfriend shouldn’t have to change his previous friendships or lifestyle for you. You are the one dating him, and that is your decision. If you don’t agree with him, then you have the ability to break up with him.

I’m not saying this is the right thing to do, but you are each individuals and to each individual his/her own.





Top 5 tips to coping with jealousy:

1) Identify the root cause

2) Take a reality check

3) Positive thinking

4) Seek objective opinions

5) Find reassurance


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Dear Sophie

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