Dear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

My oldest brother is such a jerk. He is about 35, but he acts as if he is only 5. He has never told me he loves me, and everything he says to me is cruel and degrading. He made fun of me when my dog died and when I had to break up with the man I love. He says countless mean things to me every time he is over. I’m sick of being attacked in my own home. I can’t stand it any longer, but he is too immature to talk to about it. If I ask him to stop, it just gets worse. My mom turns the other way when it happens, and this is really hurting me. I can’t sit back and take it anymore, but I don’t know how to make it stop. Help!


Sad Sister


Dear Sad Sister,

First of all, I am sorry that you had a rough break up and that your dog died. As far as your family goes, it sounds like you are suffering under the “youngest child syndrome.” Your brother sounds like a jealous, immature child. He has had to move out and begin his own life, whereas you still have mom and dad to take care of you. This can be a little upsetting to him, as he thinks you should start growing up yourself. What he doesn’t remember is that he was once there himself. Your mother probably just wants to keep peace in the family and believes you and your brother should work out your own problems. If your brother refuses to talk about, then perhaps write him a letter telling him how un-loved you feel. In this letter though, don’t make it seem like he is a terrible person. If nothing works, then just remember that you have done nothing wrong.




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Dear Sophie

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