Dear Sophie


Dear Sophie,

There is a boy I really like in one of my classes. We help each other with our homework and study together. He’s really nice to me. He’s not dumb, so I know he’s not just using me to help him be successful. Maybe he likes hanging out with me, but then again maybe he just likes hanging out with me as friends. If he doesn’t like me, then that’s ok, but I’d just like to know. How should I ask him?


Super student



Dear Super student,

I think it’s awesome you made a new friend in one of your classes. You should be happy about meeting a nice friend and stop worrying about whether or not this boy wants a relationship with you. As long as you’re not doing all of the work for him, then it sounds as if you both like hanging out with each other. I don’t think you should ask him “do you like me?” but maybe you can figure that out more subtly. Perhaps you could ask him to hang out with you outside of a school event. If he says yes, then it would seem that he does want something more than a friendship with you. If he makes up an excuse and says no, then be content with having another good friend.



Sear Sophie

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Dear Sophie

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