Dear Sophie

Sear Sophie

Dear Sophie,

The holidays are tough, on your heart, your mind, your wallet and especially your waistline. Now that they are over, what are some good ways to stay motivated and get back into my old healthy habits such as going to the gym and watching what I eat?


Eating in Eatonville

Dear Eating in Eatonville,

Motivation comes easier when you have a strong support group. Find some friends and ask them to join you in your journey to get back in shape. With them your side, you will be held more accountable for your actions.

As far as healthy habits for your heart and mind, make sure you put aside a few hours a week to do something you enjoy. The holidays can cause a lot of stress with money, so it is about time you rest and forget your worries. Stress is a factor to weight gain, so why not eliminate it?

I wish you the best of luck on finding your way back to healthy habits.

In good health,


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Dear Sophie

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