Do away with the expectations of Valentine’s Day


Do away with the expectations of Valentine’s Day

Sara Konu


Valentine’s Day is built on expectations. The industry has society convinced that flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, romantic cards, jewelry and candlelit dinners are symbols of love that are expected on Valentine’s Day.

These expectations of material love serve only to lighten wallets and grant a few days of ooey gooey loveyness before the inevitable return to everyday life. Instead of falling prey to the industry’s definition of romance for one day of the year, create new, more realistic expectations with your partner that will leave you feeling loved year round.

To all the broke college students that are saving up their money for an expensive Valentine’s dinner, don’t do it. Take the money that one fancy restaurant would charge for a single meal and spend it on several, cheaper dates with your significant other.

To be clear, I’m in no way endorsing multiple dates at McDonalds where you spend a dollar for a McChicken (unless that’s your thing, in which case, to each their own). Instead, stretch that money out by going on several relatively cheap dates such as going out for coffee, sharing monster burgers at Red Robin or other inexpensive dates. This frugal method allows people to wring as many dates as possible out of a limited stockpile of cash.

Contrary to Kay Jeweler’s commercials, not every kiss begins with Kay, and not every piece of jewelry has to be bought. When it comes to items like jewelry and cards, there’s nothing more meaningful than homemade. Keep in mind that homemade gift giving doesn’t have to be limited to Valentine’s Day, birthdays and holidays. Give your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift on an ordinary day to make it an extraordinary day—and earn extra love and affection in the process.

Of course, not everyone is or wants to be a do-it-yourself guru. But instead of throwing money away on some knick knack, buy your partner something that they actually want or could use. Because really, how many stuffed animals does a person need? After one or two stuffed bears it becomes not only a waste of money but also a waste of closet space for the person receiving the gift. Instead, choose gifts that are specific to their unique personality rather than buying into generic and mass produced “Valentine’s Day” gifts.

Disclaimer: Before doing away with Valentine’s Day and making it a yearlong love fest, make sure to discuss that decision with your significant other so that they don’t think that you forgot or are being cheap on Valentine’s Day.


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Do away with the expectations of Valentine’s Day

by Sara Konu time to read: 2 min