Easier to see in the LSC


Sara Konu


The hallways in the first floor of the LSC building got a lot brighter with the installation of new overhead lights in December.

The total construction cost was estimated to be about $27,000, according to Director of Facilities Jim Taylor.

“This included demolition of old fixtures, cost of new light fixtures, installation, wiring, and patching and painting of wall surfaces,” Taylor said.

The new light fixtures are four feet long fluorescent energy saving bulbs which were installed by outside contractors.

Pierce College Puyallup President Patrick Schmitt was the one to point out the dark hallways of the LSC and request that the new lights be added.

“I think it is a great improvement and is much more visually attractive space for students, faculty and staff,” Taylor said.



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Easier to see in the LSC

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min