Email accounts crucial for school communication

Sarah Erickson


Are you interested in information about the college’s scholarships, sports and free events?

As a Pierce College student, you received a Gmail account when you registered. This account is how college officials tell students of upcoming important dates, financial aid information, registration times, withdrawals and other information.

Officials explain students should check their e-mail accounts regularly to stay current on important information.

Since 2007, the college uses the student e-mail system as the official means of communications with students.

For convenience, students can forward their official student Gmail accounts to any of other e-mail accounts.

To access a student Gmail account, visit student online services at Pierce’s homepage at

To get to student online services, place your mouse pointer over the resources tab. It will reveal several options. Click the top choice for student online services. The left side of the student online services page displays a list of options that will be of great use to you later. Click the second link in the list titled student e-mail.

Now you will see a list of options in the middle of the page. Login and how to access your student e-mail account, where you can find detailed directions, are included.

If you are new to computers, these links look like sentences without directions. Hover your pointer over the words and notice how the color changes from black to maroon, meaning that the sentence itself is a link. Click on login to access your student email account.

Your username is the first letter of your first name, your complete last name regardless of how many letters it has and the last four digits of your student ID. Your default password is preset in birthday format: YYMMDD. You can change the password as soon as you login. For example, Jane Doe born Aug. 26, 1977. My username: jdoe1234, password: 770826.

Enter only your username. Don’t type in the complete e-mail address. This is where many become confused. Other sites accept either, but if you type:, then the username will be rejected.

If you need more help ask a Pierce librarian or computer center staff member for assistance.

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Email accounts crucial for school communication

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