Environment Week takes root at Pierce

Jacob Bush


Pierce College Puyallup’s Environmental Committee and Student Programs hosted Environmental Week from April 3-May 4. Each day of the week was highlighted by a specific topic promoting environmental sustainability.

The Recycling and Composting event Monday shared methods to better support the environment, and ways to lessen the impact on the earth.

Some suggestions were to start a backyard garden, create a compost to recycle as fertilizer to supplement the garden and use rain barrels to catch water for re-use.

Tuesday’s event was a lecture on the Tacoma-based research organization, Earth Economics. The nature of the lecture was to demonstrate a new method of evaluating natural capital in an environment, as well as assessing the monetary functions and services nature provides to humans.

The goal of Earth Economics is to analyze environmental information that will influence the decision-making processes dealing with the environment. Ideally, decision makers will recognize the financial and economic benefits of the natural world and further invest in its preservation.

Similar to the climate of Monday’s Recycling and Composting theme, the Carbon Footprint event displayed several posters on data recording the macro and micro impact human pollution has on the environment.

This event put into perspective the average amount of pollution a person outputs, it was planned that the event would feature a carbon footprint generator that could calculate the amount of pollution a person produces.

While the event didn’t have the carbon footprint generator, the Environmental Committee did meet its goal in promoting clean environmental practices at the campus.

“To me it’s not just about awareness, I am doing this to promote understanding around the community,” Nate Adamson environmental science major and environmental committee member said.

Thursday the office of student life provided free plants and trees to students who wanted to do their part in helping the environment.

Environmental week was capped off with a 7 p.m. showing of Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest. Though the environmental club had planned similar events to these, it had faced trouble with its leadership organization, ultimately leading to the clubs removal.

“As far as the Environmental club, to my knowledge they have been disbanded.

However, a few of their members joined the committee and participated in planning Environmental week,” Kasie McAfee, environmental student representative, said.

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Environment Week takes root at Pierce

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