Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

Sara Konu


When it comes to crime, Pierce Puyallup is a relatively safe campus, but for those times people decide to disobey the law, security cameras are in place to catch them.

The bookstore is the most heavily monitored location at Pierce College due to the number of costly books stocked in the store. The cameras are mainly a precaution, since the bookstore hasn’t had many theft problems.

“It’s really a good safety precaution,” bookstore employee Midoli Cram said. “Not only for our customers, but for our cashiers as well.”

The College Center is the only building on campus with security cameras in it, though some of these cameras capture other locations on campus.

Each camera transmits images to a computer monitor in the security office where security officers can watch events while they happen or pull up video from a previous day.

The newest building on campus, the Arts and Allied Health building, doesn’t have cameras.

“The new building wasn’t budgeted to have cameras in it,” Puyallup campus Safety Supervisor Maureen Rickertsen said. “It would be nice to have security cameras in the AAH because of the music department equipment.”

Rickertsen said cameras on campus are merely a precaution and a deterrent to would-be thieves, though students haven’t given security much reason to use them. The most serious offense the cameras have captured have been attempts to steal food from the dining area.

While security cameras are on campus, they are not there to spy on students. The cameras are not placed in bathrooms or classrooms, and they do not have audio devices to listen in on people’s conversations.


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Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

by Sara Konu time to read: 1 min