Failed fashionista justifies the torture of looking wonderful

Genevieve Huard


Last year, I was crowned (ok, maybe there wasn’t a coronation, but I do have a paper to prove it somewhere) the fashionista of The Puyallup Post by former editor, Katie Ardmore.

“I awarded Gen the fashionista award because she wore trends very well,” Ardmore said. “She looked cute and stylish everyday and knew how to take outfits off the runway and turn them into wearable outfits.”

This year however, as my current co-workers can attest, I don’t look my best most days. Looking good isn’t the most important thing to me, not that I would have time if it was.

So you may be wondering why you should take advice about style from a failed fashionista.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s totally ok to neglect your outfits…up to a certain point.

This quarter, I had a personal fashion intervention when I went to school wearing fuzzy purple socks, grubby red converse, a hoodie and a long black skirt—all at the same time. I was running late that morning and darted out of the house in a catastrophe. As I slowly gained mental function that day, I realized how terrible I looked. I couldn’t have been more embarrassed unless I had gone to school naked.

Clothes can make a person feel certain ways. If you dress grubby every day, then you start to be grubby and feel bad.

Here are a few quick ways to dress up your wardrobe. It’s really only a few minutes between a grubby you and feeling proud about how you look:

• Accessorize a plain outfit: If you’re having a t-shirt and jeans day, then slap on a scarf, chunky necklace, a belt, hat, cute sweater or even a few sprays of your favorite perfume.

• Wear your nice shoes more often: Don’t wear your tennis shoes every day. Nice shoes can polish an outfit and you only have to slip them on your foot.

• Skirts are easier to slip on than pants: It’s the leggings that are hard to coordinate. There are all different prints and patterns of leggings that are comfortable and can be the centerpiece of an outfit. Experiment with them.

• In case you are running late to class or work: Pack a kit for your backpack with a hairbrush, some hair accessories or product. Then there won’t be any excuse for a bad hair day.

Doing little things for your wardrobe can make you feel better about yourself and you deserve it.


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Failed fashionista justifies the torture of looking wonderful

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