Fightin words: Which is better? Forza or Starbucks?


Madeleine Laney

Contributing writer

I love Starbucks. I really do.

I spend so much time and money there, they should pay me.

Why do I spend so much time there? Well, to start with, I adore coffee. I got hooked more than a year ago and it was because of excessive trips to Starbs (as I affectionately call it) with a good friend of mine.

Now, I love only Starbucks coffee. Forza just doesn’t do it for this girl’s palate. I know Starbs can be an expensive habit to uphold, but there are ways to avoid going into coffee debt.

Register your Starbucks gift card online. You will get a free drink for every 15 stars you earn. One drink equals one star. You also will receive free drip coffee and free syrup when you add it to a drink.

Not only do you earn those fabulous things, Starbucks will reward you for being born with a free drink once a year.

When you register your card, an e-mail address is required. I highly recommend giving out your real e-mail address (not the fake one you give to Bath & Body Works).

Why? Because Starbucks sends you coupons for discounted items, which are always fabulous at the ever-expensive Starbucks.

My friends tease me when I mention the specials Starbs may be having, simply because I read every e-mail from them like any other addicted customer.

Starbucks is the perfect location for any studying date because customers get unlimited free wi-fi. Also, after studying so diligently, you can consume a delicious sandwich, doughnut or even mini-pastry.

Starbucks is where it’s at. The store always has interesting people to watch or great music to listen to. Stop by your neighborhood Starbs today (aka, look on almost any corner in Washington), and sit down with a friend for a few hours.

Revel in the wonderful atmosphere that makes Starbucks what it is—a sort of second home.


Devan Jones

Contributing writer

In the greater Puget Sound region we have a fabulous coffee shop chain known as Forza Coffee Co. It has 23 locations and four stores in Puyallup.

To tell you the truth, right now I’m sitting in a Forza drinking an iced 24-ounce Americano with cinnamon, brown sugar and a little cream while I chat with one of my favorite baristas.

Something all Forzas stores excel at is atmosphere. All the coffee shops have inviting decor, welcoming baristas and music. Forza’s staff is friendly and personable. Baristas learn people’s names and favorite drinks. They chat with customers and make jokes, and when you tell them your order they just remember for the next time.

Every one of the many Forzas I’ve visited has given me a positive experience. Their drinks are exceptional at every location. They’re consistent. Some coffee shops make their drinks a little different or have slightly different processes to make it, but all Forza members are trained by the same group of corporate trainers. So no matter which store you visit, you always can have your drink the way you like it.

One last thing that makes Forza special is its offerings and the variety of them. Forza offers a variety of foods and non-coffee drinks. Most offer pastries and bagels, and some of the larger ones offer sandwiches and gelato.

Some even cater to people who need special foods such as gluten-free products. A personal favorite of mine is the Tahitian Sunrise drink. What it consists of is a Full Throttle energy drink and two pumps of flavored syrup. It’s a delicious and tropical drink it offers is a 24 ounce cup. A little larger than the Starbucks 12-, 16- and 20-ounce drinks but totally worth it.

“At Forza our customers are more like family than anything else, and we make it top priority to bring them the best of coffee culture” Forza barista Erin Stockton said.

No matter what Forza you go to, you’ll be warmly greeted with a smile and your taste buds will be pleased.



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Fightin words: Which is better? Forza or Starbucks?

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