Fighting video game addiction

Nathan Gilchrist

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Some video game players spend several hours per day playing their favorite games, leading some experts to say a small percentage of players are addicted to video gaming.

The casual video game player plays about two hours per night and the average World of Warcraft gamer plays about four to six hours per day, according to a entertainment software association survey.

The average Call of Duty player plays about five hours a day and the more addicted player plays about eight hours a day.

A study in 2006 suggested that 2.4 percent of South Koreans age nine to 39 suffer from video game addiction.

Video game addiction symptoms include playing for many hours per day, taking late baths at night and regarding personal hygiene as a waste of time, and letting video game playing be a major distraction in their daily life.

Some of the possible reasons for video game addiction are some players often play for rewards, freedom and a connection to other players. One of the biggest reasons are loneliness.

Most video game players don’t really know how to be social so they resort to playing online video games so that they can try to have social relationships with other non-social players.

Some of the ways other countries’ officials are trying to prevent video game addiction is opening treatment centers. In China, treatment centers are available for people who are addicted to online games, chatting and web surfing.

A residential treatment center opened in Fall City in 2009.

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Fighting video game addiction

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