Fire in nursing room starts under bed


Genevieve Huard


Students were evacuated from the Arts and Allied Health building on Feb. 3 just before 11 a.m. due to a fire in the AAH Nursing Skills Lab.

Bed one in the nursing lab had a small electrical fire under it during Health Science 111.

“The students pulled out the plug, went out into the hallway and pulled the fire alarm,” Katherine Hensley, director of nursing at Pierce College Puyallup, said. “All remained very calm. They did a great job.”

Angela Lawson, nursing instructor, was teaching the class.

“I don’t know what caused the fire,” Lawson said. “All the staff responded well and no one was hurt.”

The faulty bed was removed from the Nursing Skills Lab.

“We were directed by the Fire Department to remove the bed from the AAH Nursing Skills Lab,” Facilities Program Coordinator JoAnn Lyman said. “We currently have it stored in one of our storage areas in the AAH building. We are waiting to get direction from the Nursing Department on the plan of action. It is up to them on the decision as what to do with the bed.”

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Fire in nursing room starts under bed

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