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Lots of people know of Lady Gaga, Call of Duty, and McAfee. What they don’t know about are the real gems out there that are created by independent developers and startup companies that might not be popular yet. There’s a lot to the Internet and this list is to help you find the great music, software, and games you might have missed. These are my freshly picked downloads for January.

1. Super Meat Boy: Super Meat Boy is a game that was recently released for Xbox Live Arcade and the PC, and it’s essentially Super Mario Brothers on steroids. The levels are often incredibly short but will usually take at least 5 minutes to beat. I’m not joking when I say that you’ll die…a lot. Oddly enough, dying isn’t frustrating, and the game reloads you a split second after your death. Coupled with great artwork and one of the best soundtracks released in a long time I cannot recommend Super Meat Boy highly enough.

2. SpyBot: Search and Destroy: I’ve never enjoyed using programs like Norton or McAfee, so when I found SpyBot: Search and Destroy I was initially skeptical. This program is completely free, uses less of your computer memory and is superior to Norton and McAfee. Using SpyBot I have never gotten a virus and scans finish incredibly quickly. It has a clean user interface and works flawlessly. Pick it up, it’s free and couldn’t hurt to try.

3. Dropbox: I can’t say enough good things about Dropbox. This is a brilliant little application that’ll change your life. It installs a folder on to your computer that automatically uploads your files online into your Dropbox account. It acts like a regular folder but allows instant syncing to the cloud. And if you ever make changes to that file, no matter where you are, it automatically updates the file on your computer. You don’t even have to use the application; you can just get free storage space for files accessible from anywhere. As a college student, it has proven extraordinarily helpful for when I save my homework to the folder and forget to print it. I can just go to the library and print it off there. A free account comes with up to 2gb of free space.

4. Solace by Jean Baudin: Jean Baudin is an independent artist who makes music with an 11-stringed Bass. What I expected was typical bass lines but a lot more of them; what I got was amazing music that certainly didn’t sound like it came from an electric bass. His music has the extraordinary ability to take you places you never knew existed. Find his music on iTunes, YouTube and his own website.

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Freshly picked downloads

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