Game review: Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic

Markus Persson

Minecraft Classic is the free version of the extremely popular computer game Minecraft. The game centers on building structures out of Lego-like blocks, each being composed of a different material.

Your imagination is the only limit as to what you can build; the possibilities are nearly endless.

On my second play through, I even built a replica of the first level of Super Mario Bros. out of the virtual blocks.

Minecraft Classic gives the term “sandbox game” a whole new meaning.

Minecraft Classic is played in your browser and includes both single player and a multiplayer mode. To play, you simply need to register for a free Minecraft account.

One of the most entertaining features of the game is to enter the various multiplayer servers and see some of the awesome things that other players have built. Pyramids, giant statues of Mario, castles, floating islands, and all kinds of crazy things have been built by Minecraft players.

Unlike the paid version, Minecraft Beta, features such as crafting and combat are left out. But even without these features, Minecraft Classic stands out as one of the most entertaining online games I have ever played.

In some ways, I actually prefer Minecraft Classic to the paid version because you have unlimited blocks from the start of the game; so you can focus on building what you want instead of worrying about mining materials.

Minecraft Classic is a fun and addictive game that brings back fond memories of the LEGO set I had as a child. Because of the entertaining gameplay and the fact that it is free to play, it gets my approval.

The Minecraft game can be found at

I give it: 4 out of 5 stars

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Game review: Minecraft Classic

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